Experience the magic and enchantment


Welcome to Waxhands.EU

At Waxhands.eu we don't just sell you a machine...
We sell a complete concept:
The Machine, Wax, Dye, our patented LED tubes and all supplies you need.

We travel around the world to install Machines or built complete shops and train your Employees, or we help you online to startup your own business. You can find our machines anywhere around the globe, from the largest entertainment companies to people who want to start their own buisiness. We build turn-key projects or you can buy just the machine.

Our units operate all over the world and we have experience shipping anywhere and immediately from our warehouse in Europe (Holland) or Asia (Chonquing China).

Training can be done onside or in our Training Centres in Holland or China.


No time to waste ? Add 0031651152028 to your whatsapp contacts and chat or talk direct to Waxhands Sales ! (Please notice there is time difference when you call outside Europe !)